Feline Outreach, Rescue & Education is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization


  • Provide training on feline care to shelter personnel, volunteers, rescue groups, and fosters
  • Provide educational materials to the general public at shelters, adoptions fairs, and veterinary offices
  • Provide temporary foster care for kittens that require specialized care
  • Promote cooperation and information sharing among shelter and rescue personnel

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Recent and Upcoming Events:

Kitten Care Webinar Series

Hosted by Alley Cat Allies and presented by Feline Outreach, Rescue & Education, this series of webinars covers important information for saving kittens’ lives. From what to do when first finding a kitten to information that veterinary staff need to know to better help clients with rescued kittens, these webinars have something for everyone. Click on the individual links listed in each webinar’s description in order to register. Click here to view the archived Webinar

Advanced Feline Bottle Baby Care
Hosted by Feline ORE Co-founder, Susan Spaulding
This webinar builds on the previously aired "Help! I found a kitten." This session will provide life-saving information that you can use immediately to save more kittens. Topics include special considerations for bathing neonatal kittens and providing for their daily physical and psychological needs. Recognizing and beginning pro-active treatment for upper respiratory infections as well as supportive therapies and nutritional supplements will also be presented.

Originally Recorded on: Thursday, November 13. Click here to view the archived Webinar 

Basic Kitten Medical Issues
Hosted by Feline ORE Co-founder, Rosemarie Crawford, LVT
This webinar provides an overview of many common medical issues that kittens – and those who care for them – are faced with. From internal and external parasites to upper respiratory infections (URIs) and diarrhea, this presentation highlights important aspects and common treatments. Learn how to recognize early symptoms and minimize the severity or duration of illnesses. Understand the supportive therapies and treatments available, what you can do on your own and when it’s time to see a veterinarian. Tips on saving money while still providing excellent care for the kittens will be included throughout the presentation.
Recorded On: Thursday, January 8, 2015.  Click here to view the archived Webinar 

Neonatal Kittens and the Veterinary Clinic: Helping Others Help Kittens
Hosted by Feline ORE Co-founder, Rosemarie Crawford, LVT
This webinar is targeted toward the staff at veterinary clinics; however, it provides a wealth of information that shelter staff and rescuers could also use. It will provide answers to some of the most common questions posed to staff members from their clients and the general public regarding what they should do when they’ve found or are fostering neonatal kittens. Learn how to help assess a kitten’s condition over the phone and provide appropriate, helpful information. Understand the special needs of neonatal kittens which must be accurately conveyed to clients over the phone or in the clinic. Receive information on valuable resources that you can provide for your clients as well as being able to direct them to other helpful sources to help save kittens lives.
Recorded On: Thursday, February 12, 2015.  Click here to view the archived Webinar 


March 19 – 21, 2015 Fredericksburg, VA Join us at the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies’ 2015 Annual Conference. Always a wonderful conference and a ‘must attend’ for anyone involved in animal welfare within the state of Virginia. We’ll be speaking about numerous important topics like providing daily care to neonatal/bottle baby kittens, effectively treating illnesses, maintaining a foster network, and more -- all with the goal of saving even more kittens’ lives! Click here to learn more and to register.

March 30 – April 2, 2015: HSUS Animal Care EXPO. Come to New Orleans! Enjoy this beautiful city and learn at this always exciting national animal welfare conference! Please join us for our workshop session on April 2nd, ‘Increasing Survival Rates of Rescued Kittens’ where we will share with you the most important, yet cost-effective, methods of saving neonatal kittens, successfully treating common ailments and increasing survival rates for all kittens who come to your shelter or rescue. Click here to learn more.

April 11 - April 13, 2015: Nashua, New Hampshire, New England Federation of Humane Societies 2015 Conference.  Join us at New England's Premier Animal Welfare Training and Networking Opportunity and save the date for this year's conference. Feline Outreach, Rescue & Education will be presenting two very informative sessions on kitten care and saving more lives. To learn more and to register for the conference, click here.

Other Events

Thursday, Feb. 19th: Animals Today Radio Show Interview.  Click here for a list of times and stations that will be carrying the interview or to listen to it via computer! Join Dr. Lori Kirshner and Feline ORE's own Susan Spaulding to hear about exciting advancements in the world of neonatal kittens. Not able to listen live? Click here to listen to the archived broadcasts.