Feline Outreach, Rescue & Education is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization


  • Provide training on feline care to shelter personnel, volunteers, rescue groups, and fosters
  • Provide educational materials to the general public at shelters, adoptions fairs, and veterinary offices
  • Provide temporary foster care for kittens that require specialized care
  • Promote cooperation and information sharing among shelter and rescue personnel

Upcoming Events:

Join us at the Best Friends National Conference in Las Vegas from October 23-26. Stop by our exhibit booth to find out about bringing an on-site training to your staff and volunteers. We'll also have lots of free information and giveaways that you can take back with you to start saving more lives right away! Click here to register for the conference.

Recent Events:

August 14, 2014: Rethinking the Cat Symposium, Durham NC: Join us at this HSUS and PetSmart Charities one day conference all about the cat! Feline ORE will be presenting “Benefiting Bottle Babies”.

We all want to save more lives, and none are more vulnerable than neonatal kittens. Whether you work with kittens in the field, a shelter, or a foster home—or just want to be ready for anything—you’ll receive valuable information that will help you increase the survival rates of rescued kittens. You’ll learn how to assess the condition of kittens, stabilize critical kittens, recognize and address common illnesses and provide for these tiny kittens’ special feeding and housing needs.

August 27, 2014:  Live Webinar:

Saving Orphaned Kittens: Basic Planning for a Kitten Nursery

Orphaned kittens who are too young to eat on their own are one of the groups at highest risk of euthanasia. Caring for these tiny lives successfully requires separate specialized space as well as a team of trained volunteers and fosters and the ability to respond quickly to their needs. Time and resources are often lacking to provide this level of intensive care. A kitten nursery can begin to fill this gap. Learn some basic strategies to begin planning a kitten nursery and save more lives.